Available in three-phase and can be adapted to any voltage 208 Vac/440 Vac/480 Vac.

Battery charger with DISPLAY card. Possibility of external accessories, remote recharging and signaling, USB port with memory of the last 800 charging cycles.


  • Three-phase supply voltage 208 / 400VAC Frequency 50 / 60Hz.
  • Pulse recharge version.
  • PBM250 control board with 8mm LED.
  • Memory of 800 charging cycles.
  • External accessories available: air pump, and filling in remote reports.
  • Charging parameters program via SW PBM.
  • Service with use of USB port.


New HF9 model by PBM, with SIC MOSFET technology that works up to 100KHz, surpassing the simple 25-50KHz high frequency switching technology that we normally find on the market. High energy cost savings compared to old charging technologies and better care for your battery.


  • Efficiency up to 94%.
  • SIC MOSFET Technology.
  • High energy savings.
  • High protection of electronic components.
  • Optimized ventilation.
  • Available 208 VAC, 440 VAC or 480 VAC 3 Phase.
  • 50/60HZ Frequency.