The BTM series has been specifically designed to remove batteries from forklifts for preventive maintenance, or to change batteries when necessary.

Inspired by the design of the hand pallet truck, the BTM has been expertly engineered to function identically to a hand pallet truck and utilizes an optional braking system that allows for zero kickback during battery replacement. With precision wheel bearings and large, solid wheels (no compression), this technology allows virtually anyone to push a 3,200-pound battery with little effort.
The battery compartment is available in two convenient sizes of 24″ or 36″.


  • 3-point pallet truck design with solid wheels: extremely easy to turn and move while fully loaded.
  • Single point push/pull travel: allows for tight turns and easy maneuverability.
  • Manual pallet truck lift mechanism: convenient lifting and lowering at waist height by hand controls.
  • Compact, self-contained unit: does not require a forklift.
  • Ratcheting crank handle: protects the operator from injury if the crank handle slips.
  • Battery safety shutdown.


The electric battery puller is the world standard in high efficiency battery changing.
All models are designed with a one-piece all-welded construction and finished in premium acid-proof electrostatic paint to ensure effective and durable battery changing for many years.
Our electric pullers are equipped with the highly reliable 1,800 lbs electromagnetic puller.


  • Powerful 1,800 lbs electromagnet extraction for safe, fast and reliable changes for batteries weighing up to 2.2 tons.
  • Durable electrostatic paint resists battery acid spills.
  • Powered by the standard electric skateboard battery on the market.


Our battery racks are the industry standard for quality construction that ensures high durability.
Racks from single to quad racks can include charger shelving, as well as an optional spill tray that prevents battery acid from contaminating floors and allows for easy cleaning.